Burke Miles is a creative director that believes design can distill truth. Motivated by the idea that truth spoken clearly can cut through the noise, he has created a diverse body of work ranging from content for arena concerts and blockbuster films to branding for the smallest non-profits and D.I.Y. art collectives. The hunt for the right medium to convey a message has driven him to explore techniques from lo-fi and hand-drawn to dense 3D shader networks and deep compositing.

Beginning his career in public television, he helped develop an animated children’s series and designs for documentary films. This led to a stint in post-production and advertising as a creative director, working to design and direct national campaigns. After exploring the freelance design landscape of Denver, Colorado, he joined the studio Friends of Mine. As a partner, he worked with this talented team to develop rebrands, international campaigns and arena scale experiences. Since 2018, he has been part of the award-winning Los Angeles agency, MOCEAN. This journey has enabled him to create captivating work for some of the most interesting creators in the world, including MARVEL, Netflix, HBO, FX, USA, Amazon Studios, Google, Motorola, and TED Global.


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